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A typical tour of Israel can cost upwards of $3000, and that doesn't include the travel fees! With the Worship In Israel Virtual Tour, you are given premium access to our team of professional tour guides at a fraction of the cost, available in the comfort of your home.

Experience Joshua Aaron and his team as they take you on a spiritually-infused journey across the Holy Land, with the added opportunity to engage with your fellow travelers.

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Sunday, September 5

LIVE Worship + Virtual Tour #1

2:30 PM EST

Wednesday, September 8

Virtual Tour #2

3:30 PM EST

Sunday, September 12

Virtual Tour #3

3:30 PM EST

Wednesday, September 15

Virtual Tour #4

3:30 PM EST

Sunday, September 19

Virtual Tour #5

3:30 PM EST

Wednesday, September 22

Virtual Tour #6

3:30 PM EST

Sunday, September 26

Virtual Tour #7

2:30 PM EST


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"We've made it our mission to bring Israel to you... Virtually! I hope you and your family are blessed by this jet-lag-free trip to the holy land."

Joshua Aaron

10+ Hours

Unlock unlimited access to all 7 tour videos, available on all your favorite devices!


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tour guides

Follow along with Joshua Aaron and his team of professional Israeli tour guides.


Engage with your fellow travelers in an exclusive virtual chat room!


Includes 7 exclusive Virtual Tour videos, hosted by Joshua Aaron and a team of professional tour guides. All available to watch at your convenience.

Presented by Professional Tour Guides

"Each of the guides masterfully guided us through significant areas and aspects of Israel and biblical history. They have exceptional knowledge of the archeology of Israel and of the Bible. We feel like Andrey, Chaim, Hannah and Beni are family!" – Robert

"I loved the variety within the team of guides. Each one was so knowledgeable and such a skilled presenter, but each with their own energy and uniqueness. I loved that the entire tour was presented from a Messianic historical perspective. So rich!" – Susanne

Beni Friedman

Favorite Site: City of David

Andre Gelbet

Favorite Site: Galilee

Hanna Ben Chaim

Favorite Site: Abraham's Ridge

Chaim Malespin

Favorite Site: Ancient Shiloh


My wife and I went with Joshua on the 2019 in-person tour and it was life-changing. The online tour is a relatively inexpensive option and a great way to introduce someone to the land and to our Jewish Messiah.


I've been on four Israel tours, but I can never get enough! The Virtual Tour was a wonderful alternative during the shutdown, and I saw/heard a lot I had not on previous tours. It's also a great experience for the uninitiated. Highly recommend!


The tour was a blessing to me. Seeing the places where Jesus walked, seeing where he taught and seeing the Jordan river where He was baptized just overwhelms my soul. I hoping that one day I will get to experience it in person.


This was my first tour of Israel and the enthusiasm of the guides and Joshua certainly planted a seed of feeling connected to Israel that is personal rather than from books or videos. Real places, real Yeshua, real believers. Can't wait to really go!


I enjoyed this tour so much. I’m thinking about taking it again!! I learned so much and had the Bible come alive. I really felt like I was physically there - in Israel (my big screen TV helped a little). I also loved the variety of guides we had.


In preparation for a future trip to Israel, I wanted to focus on studying scriptures in context with the land of Israel and this Virtual Tour opportunity was offered. What an AMAZING blessing! I've learned so much from each of the guides! Thank you!


Joshua Aaron’s virtual tour is the best way to visit Israel if you can’t go! Of course if you can go, go with Joshua Aaron! He has the best tours!


I love Israel and traveling there. I was so excited when you offered the virtual tour. Some other people had started doing virtual tours on YouTube but your tour was so much better because of the guides. I have watched the videos several times since.


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The Virtual Tour covers many of the most popular sites in Israel as well as some hidden gems.


Join us along the coast of Israel to Caesarea, to Mount Carmel and to Nazareth. Travel around the Galilee where Yeshua spent most of his time in ministry with his 12 disciples, such as Magdala, the Mount of Beatitudes, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and many more places including the Golan Heights. Then we will travel to the south of Israel to the Negev desert and explore places like Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. Next we will ascend the mountain of the Lord to Jerusalem!


It's impossible to describe Jerusalem in one word. You will experience the endless history and places to be discovered in this beautiful ancient city.

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