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Claim your Virtual Ticket

Travel to the Land from the

comfort of your home with

over 10 hours of exclusive content, brought to you by Worship In Israel!

What's Included

Over 10 hours of high-definition tour content, worship with Joshua Aaron, and a bonus gift box mailed to you after claiming your Virtual Ticket! 


Once each video is released, come back any time to watch again!


7-day video tour series, traveling along the Mediterranean coast, to the Galilee, Golan Heights, the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem. Each video is about 1 - 1.5 hours and released twice weekly. 


*Times of worship on location

*4 live exclusive group video calls & worship with Joshua. 


Our 4 local Israeli-believing tour guides bring you back to the Land of the Bible and into a deeper understanding of the Words of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


For a small shipping & handling fee, receive a gift box with itinerary, journal, & more from Joshua Aaron.


Typically, a tour to Israel can cost around $2500 - $3000 USD for just the Land portion. Add a flight on top of that, and it can be another $500 - $2000 (depending on where you are coming from). 


We have hired multiple guides and a production team to bring this to you at "virtually" a fraction of the cost! 


These 7 tour days will be spread out nicely over the course of 4 weeks and at the beginning of each week (Sundays), Joshua will have a special LIVE time of sharing and worship just with your group.


  • Access Pass - June

    June Cohort
    • Full 7 Video Series
    • Worship with Joshua Aaron
    • Weekly New Videos

Sunday, May 9

LIVE Video + Virtual Tour #1

Part 1

Wednesday, May 12

Virtual Tour #2

Part 2

Sunday, May 16

LIVE Video + Virtual Tour #3

Part 3

Wednesday, May 19

Virtual Tour #4

Part 4

Sunday, May 23

LIVE Video + Virtual Tour #5

Part 5

Wednesday, May 26

Virtual Tour #6

Part 6

Sunday, May 30

LIVE Garden Tomb Special + Virtual Tour #7

Part 7


“We've made it our mission to open THE borders for you... VIRTUALLY. yes, We'll bring Israel to you! I hope you AND YOUR FAMILY ARE BLESSED by THIS jet-lag-free TRIP TO the holy land.”

-Joshua Aaron

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