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  • Hu Yavo (He Will Come) - CD
  • Hu Yavo (He Will Come) - CD
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Hu Yavo (He Will Come) - CD


Joshua Aaron's sophemore studio album Hu Yavo (He Will Come) is a thematic work of longing for the return of Messiah Yeshua; every song dedicated to celebrating the future arrival of our Savior. 



1. Yalla

2. Hu Yavo (He Will Come)

3. All Is Well

4. My Beloved

5. He's Coming Again

6. Adon Ata Ori

7. Priestly Blessing (Numbers 6:24-26)

8. Shalom Aleicha

9. The Sacrifice Lamb

10. David Danced (Let the Heavens Be Glad)

11. How Great

12. When He Appears

13. He's Coming Soon


This Album was sponsored by Hillside Christian Fellowship, FishHawk Fellowship Church, and Ellel Ministries USA.

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