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  • Every Tribe - CD
  • Every Tribe - CD
SKU: 859718760733

Every Tribe - CD


"Joshua Aaron will pleasantly surprise you with his beautiful voice and unexpected instruments. Ukulele, native drums and flutes, banjo, children’s voices (his own!) all join together in high praise to Yeshua, the King of Israel. 'Every Tribe' could easily become your next favorite worship CD!" - Paul Wilbur



1. Shalom

2. Praise the Lord

3. You Are Holy (As For Me And My House)

4. Immanuel

5. Salvation Is Your Name (feat. Mike Weaver)

6. Holy

7. Give Thanks (Hodu - feat. Michael Neale)

8. He Is Good (Interlude)

9. We Will Wait

10. The King is Coming

11. Every Tribe (feat. Chief Riverwind & John Schlitt)

12. Every Tribe (The Riverwinds' Native Edition)

13. Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133)

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